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Fertility and Parenting. Parent and child in forest 2 to 1

Becoming a Parent

Conception, pregnancy, childbirth and early infancy are crucial steps in the parenting journey. Difficulties and loss can occur at any stage, and knowing this can provoke anxiety even when things are going well. Through counselling you can explore those fears and help to make them manageable.

Infertility Counselling
Infertility is very distressing for many people, but often the people around you are not aware of what you are going through and so you can feel isolated. Fertility treatment offers hope but there can be difficult choices to make, such as whether to use donor sperm and/or eggs. Women without a partner may be considering egg freezing or being a single mother. I have specialised training in the emotional and practical implications of these options and can help you to explore your priorities and find a route forward that’s right for you. Being able to see the possibility of a fulfilling life ahead without children is an important part of this.

Dealing with Miscarriage
Miscarriage can also be a loss that provokes overwhelming feelings of grief. Counselling can help you express those feelings, and deal with the anxiety of planning a future pregnancy.

Even once a child is born it can take time to adjust to your new situation as a parent. Feelings of inadequacy can easily arise. This in turn triggers guilt. Counselling can help you to adapt your outlook so that you can approach parenthood in a way that accepts the variety of feelings you are experiencing, whatever your situation.

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